"There are events that are never forgotten"

"Our life is so short that we should only do what we love." Jesús Tobías

Engineer Jesús Tobías is an inventor, writer and international speaker. His mission is to inspire people to be good and happy.

Many people have pointed to his lectures as the most important they have witnessed in their lives.

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Jesús Tobías was born in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. He graduated as an Electrical Mechanical Engineer from the Tecnológico de Monterrey in 1989.


Since he was a student, he has been the inventor of various products, among which the "Unclogable Socket" stands out, with which he won the National Youth Award for Science and Technology in 1990. His invention was presented at the World Inventors' Exhibition in New York in 1991 and, later , exported it to various countries.


He has been the founder of several companies both in Mexico and in the U.S.A. He has also had the opportunity to work or lecture in countries such as Colombia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Switzerland, and Germany among others.


Since 1988 he has given countless conferences in various countries to governments, companies and international organizations such as General Motors, General Electric, Rotary International and the Red Cross.


In January 2015 he was co-founder and president of the world's first Society for Transcendence.


He is the author of several books and, lately, he has been presenting his international conference The 7 Happiness Codes in numerous places. He intends to take this conference all over the world to help have a better and happier humanity.

Many people have pointed to this conference as the most important they have witnessed in his life.


Jesús Tobías assures that "our life is so short that we should only do what we love".

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"Reaching the heart, you will get where you want." Jesús Tobías

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